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CultureWiz is a boutique consulting firm specialized in supporting organizations with customized solutions for international strategies and operations, global expansion, and diversity & inclusion programs. We offer cross-cultural training for individuals and teams and support companies, expats and their partners with all aspects of global mobility.







International Management Consultant

What we do: Position organizations for success with global growth.

If you struggle to…

  • circumvent common challenges and expedite global growth, and

  • globalize operations and penetrate new markets.

CultureWiz will...

  • adds value with proven techniques and custom support, and

  • help identify practical and impactful solutions to any global issue.

Intercultural Trainer & Speaker

What we do: Help teams & leaders thrive in a globally diverse workplace.

If you struggle to …

  • understand why people behave the way they do across the world, and

  • function with ease and act appropriately across diverse cultures.

We will help you  …

  • effectively communicate, and build trusting relationships across cultures

  • create a globally inclusive work environment.

Global Mobility Facilitator

What we do: Expediate the success of expats moving abroad.

Do you want to …

  • adapt as painlessly and quickly as possible when moving abroad, and

  • anticipate common issues to alleviate stress and complications.  

Imagine working with a facilitator who …

  • helps you succeed and cherish the experience, and

  • supports you before, during, and after the move.

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- Your Trusted Partner in Global Growth and Intercultural Development


Writing on Tablet

Guilherme Lopes

Her talent is real and her skills are rare. In a borderless world, Sylvia can make a real difference for organizations operating globally.

Researching and Writing

Javier Faleato

With a diplomatic approach, and always a smile, she's able to balance diverse interests and find the best common solution for difficult issues.

Key Speaker

Bill Michalisin

She is a collaborative, creative and passionate association management professional who brings a global and curious mindset to everything she does.

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